Contesting the Past: Remembrance, Denial and New Zealand History

History has rarely felt more topical or relevant as, all across the globe, nations have begun to debate who, how and what they choose to remember and forget. From the removal of the statue of Captain Hamilton formerly displayed in the centre of the city that bears his name, to the renaming of sites that recall colonial violence such as Von Tempsky Street and the town of Maxwell north of Whanganui, on the 159th anniversary of the British Army's invasion of the Waikato, Vincent O'Malley discusses how we remember and forget our own history. 

Read more in recent BWB Text Fragments from a Contested Past: Remembrance, Denial and New Zealand History, co-authored by Joanna Kidman, Vincent O'Malley, Liana MacDonald, Tom Roa and Keziah Wallis.

Where:  New Zealand Fabian Society 2/57 Willis Street, Wellington (take the lifts behind Unity Books - to the second floor).

When: 5.30pm, Tuesday 12 July 2022


Visit the Fabian Society website to register to attend in person or watch the livestream on You Tube:


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