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Beyond the Imperial Frontier Book Launch

Thanks to all those who attended the launch last night. It was a great occasion. Here are a few photos of the evening.

Upcoming BWB Events

  Over the next six weeks, BWB has a range of events taking place around New Zealand: Wednesday 24 September, Wellington Book launch:  Vincent O'

Devastating Impact of the Waikato War Revisited

MEDIA RELEASE 22 September 2014 Devastating impact of the Waikato War revisited by leading historian  At a time of great focus on World War One, a new book by prominent historian Dr Vincent O’Malley draws startling comparisons with the Waikato War of 1863–64. Taking a new approach to analysing evidence on the war, O’Malley’s book challenges previous assumptions made about casualties suffered by the Waikato tribes. ‘This new approach to estimating casualty figures suggests that the scale of the losses suffered by the Waikato tribes was much greater than previously thought,’ says O’Malley. ‘Indeed there is every indication that the numbers killed and wounded may

J D Stout Lecture 2014: The Waikato War: Myth, History and the 'Art of Forgetting'

The JD Stout Lecture 2014 Vincent O’Malley JD Stout Fellow 2014 will present The Waikato War: Myth, History and the ‘Art of Forgetting’ Collective memories, like individual ones, can be selective. We sometimes choose what we remember. And those choices are often instructive. But as scholars have also noted, there is an art to forgetting. It can be more than simply the absence of memory. This talk surveys how the Waikato War has been remembered, or forgotten, historically and asks what this reveals about New Zealand’s foundational myths and narratives. Date:               Wednesday 24 September 2014 Time:               4.10pm – 5.30pm Venue:             McLaurin Lecture Theatre 103 – North end of Cotton Building main corridor just before the Hub                         Gate 6, Kelburn Parade – Cotton Building main entrance                          Victoria University of Wellington