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The Great War for New Zealand in Wanaka

Thanks to everyone who turned out for a packed session at Wanaka's Festival of Colour on Sunday 9 April to hear me in conversation with Jim Bolger and chair Paul Diamond on 'The Great War for New Zealand'. Jim Bolger, Paul Diamond, Vincent O'Malley Mr Bolger again reiterated the need for New Zealanders to learn and embrace the history of their own nation, and provided insight into the 1995 settlement with Waikato-Tainui that happened during his time as prime minister. He has previously spoken in favour of the New Zealand Wars becoming a core history subject and talked about this at the time my book was launched last October. Copies of The Great War for New Zealand sold out following the session, with Paper Plus Wanaka promising to order more stock in for those who had missed out. Meanwhile, late last month a reprint of the book landed in the country, as heavy demand saw supplies of the large initial print run nearly exhausted. Stay tuned for news and noti