Beyond the Imperial Frontier: The Contest for Colonial New Zealand

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Print publication:
Pages: 284
RRP: $49.99
ISBN: 9781927277539
ISTC: A022014000005561
DOI: 10.7810/9781927277539

Beyond the Imperial Frontier is an exploration of the different ways Māori and Pākehā ‘fronted’ one another – the zones of contact and encounter – across the nineteenth century. Beginning with a pre-1840 era marked by significant cooperation, Vincent O’Malley details the emergence of a more competitive and conflicted post-Treaty world. As a collected work, these essays also chart the development of a leading New Zealand historian.

Table of contents

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1. Frontier Histories: An Introduction

2. Cultural Encounter on the New Zealand Frontier: The Meeting of Māori and Pākehā before 1840

3. Manufacturing Chiefly Consent? James Busby and the Role of Rangatira in the Early Colonial Era

4. Beyond Waitangi: Post-1840 Agreements between Māori and the Crown

5. English Law and the Māori Response: A Case Study from Grey’s New Institutions in Northland

6. Reinventing Tribal Mechanisms of Governance: The Emergence of Māori Rūnanga and Komiti in New Zealand before 1900

7. Te Riri ki Waikato: The Invasion of Waikato and its Aftermath

8. The New Zealand Settlements Act 1863 in Wider Context: Local and International Precedents for Land Confiscation

9. The East Coast Petroleum Wars: Raupatu and the Politics of Oil in 1860s New Zealand

10. Frontier Justice?: The Trial and Execution of Kereopa Te Rau

11. Reconsidering the Origins of the Native Land Court: Neo-Revisionist Challenges to Orthodox Interpretations

12. The Curious Case of Tiritiri Matangi Island: Terra Nullius New Zealand-style?

13. ‘A Living Thing’: The Whakakotahitanga Flagstaff and Its Place in New Zealand History

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